The Truth About Salt

Published: 19th September 2006
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Salt is an essential nutrient for everyone and is vital to attaining optimum health, so why has the media and the mainstream regarded it as the devil of the dinner table for so long?

Our cells all contain salt. We sweat salt. Our tears contain salt. Our blood is salty. If we don't eat salt, where will it come from?

The question should not be "Do we need salt". We absolutely do. We cannot live without it. The questions should be "What kind of salts are good and bad for us?".

Generic table salt is indeed the devil of the dinner table and should be avoided as much as possible because it is highly refined and processed resulting in pure sodium.chloride and nothing else; no trace minerals, nothing. This is toxic and harmful.

99% of the world's research on salt is done on commercial table salt. This is the only salt they know of. They think all salt is the same - but they're wrong. You can't function without salt. You can't digest food without salt. Your heart can't function. Your adrenal glands can't function. Your liver can't function Your kidneys can't function.

If salt was so bad, why do they feed intravenous saline solutions in hospital patients? They do that because the body runs on salt. Without salt, we run out of electrolytes. Without electrolytes, our human batteries die out.

A salt-free diet speeds up aging. Your cells must be bathed in a sodium-based, extracellular fluid. When the cells are not in this fluid, they will explode. This has been proven biologically. The cells of a mammal deprived of sodium literally explode.

Without salt, there is no longer any exchange between the sodium on the outside of the cell, and the potassium on the inside. Talk about aging, this is probably the one, single, most important biological fact that must be considered when you discuss salt. Deprived of that saline solution, the cells age. Other health problems caused by low-salt diet are:

Heart disease
High blood pressure
Lung disease
Many others

So the solution? Himalayan salt, Celtic salt or any other "true" salt which is not processed and stripped of it's natural trace minerals. This salt is very good for you and is absolutely essential to achieving optimum health. I have personally been using 1g of Himalayan salt per litre of water and my skin has dramatically improved and no doubt other areas of my body are benifitting from this!

Now you know the truth about salt, you can't be fooled by the crusade against it!

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